Beatcamp: A hub for music producers! Plus listen to a new track…

Beatcamp: A hub for music producers! Plus listen to a new track…

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Earlier this year I joined a Beatcamp masterclass. What is Beatcamp? Beatcamp is a collective started by two nice guys, Marc and Andrew, to help producers collaborate and accelerate their progress in making music. Their workshops have been supported across the music industry by companies like Focusrite, Novation, Island Records, Soundcloud, Loopmasters, LANDR, Kaotica and Sample Magic. Their mission is to help producers get tracks signed to labels, attract remix opportunities, DJ gigs and self publish their work.

So at my workshop I teamed up with Rob Broderick aka Abandoman, who is a an all-round lovely guy and a joy to work with. Lots of laughs! We came up with ‘I Don’t Wanna Lie To You’ in the sum total of four hours, from scratch. Needs mixing and mastering and some advanced help with arrangement, but I’m so happy with what we came up with and love the plugin Rob introduced me to called Little Alterboy, which made me sound like a burly man, so I did a duet with myself! Hahaha. Rob came up with the rap right there on the spot – which is a very genius thing to do.

Since then I’ve signed up to their special insider producer group and I find it refreshing to have an encouraging group to showcase musical ideas to, and everyone on there seems really helpful and friendly. I’ve been working on new material recently so hopefully you’ll get to hear them on public release! :)