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Singaporean Sharliza Jelita is a singer, songwriter and visionary constantly experimenting and exploring different facets of pop and electronic music.

Sharliza recently released her Intention EP in 2017. It is more than a nod to her favourite artists such as Stereolab, Machinedrum and Thom Yorke, infused with Asian instruments and Eastern spirituality.

For Singapore’s 50th year of independence, Sharliza wrote and self-produced ‘Singapore, It’s Where We Belong‘, written as a community song for overseas Singaporeans. It was performed in public for the first time at Singapore Day Festival 2014 at London’s Victoria Park, where she was invited to meet Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Sharliza was also invited to perform the song at the SG50 Swiss Fair in Geneva as well as Singapore Community Day 2015 in London. The project culminated in the production of a community video ahead of National Day 2015 featuring over 600 Singaporeans both at home and in London, sponsored by SG50 Community Fund and SUKA, reaching out to 200,000 people through social media.

Throughout 2014, Sharliza started recording more music in Malay, such as originals ‘Selamat Hari Raya Sedunia‘ and Hari Raya cover of P Ramlee’s ‘Dendang Perantau‘, which was received very well by fans in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

In 2013, Sharliza set out to produce a series of smooth, simple, stripped-back covers of songs that used to be popular in the 1920s-1990s. Harking back to the days of Julie London, Doris Day, Eartha Kitt, and legendary Malay singer Saloma, she wants to explore the timeless sensuous and elegant side of feminine beauty. View Sharliza’s Vintage Series videos on Youtube. You can also listen to Sharliza’s Vintage Series playlist of covers and originals on Soundcloud.

Sharliza’s life is one furnished with events that have served as a rich pallet of inspiration. Her flamboyance and eccentric outlook on life makes for observational songwriting which covers urban life, adventure, rebellion and the afterlife in her debut album Strange Things.

In Strange Things, released on 25 June 2012, Sharliza combines Hot Chip, Janelle Monae, Stereolab with a dose of Asian electricity. To promote her first single No Go Pogo, she went round central London and got random people to jump on pogo sticks. Her hypnotic album title track Strange Things was selected to be featured on Tom Robinson’s BBC Introducing show on BBC 6 Music.

A UWC scholarship drew Sharliza Jelita to UK shores, and eventually founded an art-rock indie band called The Rrrs who were well-known for their crazily catchy songs, batik shirts and extraordinarily energetic performances up and down England and Wales.

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People involved in Intention EP

Mixing engineer and all round cool guy Michael Tingle. Programming, videography and photography by Sharliza Jelita.

People involved in the Vintage Sessions

Videographer Charlotte Johnson of Decibel Pictures. Claire Hart as art director/stylist. Hair duties: Shelley LB and Hayley Berry. Photographers: Claire Hart, Claire Selim, James Williams.

Thank you to these fine musicians: MaW on guitar, Georgia from Music Services, Fin Crowther on piano, Phillip Cooper from Vintage Backing Tracks.

People involved in the Strange Things album

Thanks to Jonny Goodwillie of the Hook-up Consultancy, Tom Beck for press and radio PR, Massimo Zeppetelli for online PR, Russ Keffert, record producer and head honcho of Something Nothing Records, and Oli at Optimum Mastering. Ben Chisnall on artwork, Issa Pourkhosravi on informal videos, Sam Jordan (for No Go Pogo), Ed Stenson on Claustrophobia, Nick Light on Is That Your Underwear On The Floor? and Joss Horne for Strange ThingsAngela Melling and Steven Read on photography. Also milliner Miranda Persaud on hats. Make-up artists Becky Johal and Ellie Worthington. Extras on videos: Issa Pourkhosravi, Jodie Lawrence, Adeline Rozario. Also thank you to these fine musicians: Afua Fiagbe, Kerry Atchison, Rowan Gifford, Tom Miodrag and Ursula Donelly. Also much gratitude to live musicians Fin Crowther, Ed Beesley, Mike Kenna, Afua Fiagbe, Dan Middler, Joe Rogers and MaW for allowing the album to be enjoyed in the flesh. More thank yous in the album liner notes.