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Strange Things album

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Strange Things is about experiencing the unfathomable world after death. If you want to know what meeting God sounds like, this is it.”
-> Inspired by: Radiohead’s Pyramid Song and Massive Attack’s Teardrop (Spotify playlist)

Breaks My Heart In Two is an exotic, catchy cross between Indonesian keroncong, Trojan calypso and No Surprises. You’ll hum it as you’re doing the dishes. It’s dedicated to a famous guy with one eye smaller than the other. ”
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-> Sounds good while: Chilling on the beach wearing brightly coloured clothing, kissing the waves as they rush towards you. (Spotify playlist)

Claustrophobia is the mood on the tube or the train. Doing the same journey to work every day. Being ensconced in small man-made spaces every day. And coming home to do the same things every day. Video games – hallelujah” Buy CLAUSTROPHOBIA now

Fine On Your Own is about liberation. Liberation from restrictive influences. It could be husbands, wives, lovers, family, work, lifestyles. Gaga goes Kraftwerk, someone said!”
-> Sounds like: Bulletproof, Show Me Love, and Daft Punk (Spotify playlist)

“No Go Pogo is super cheerful response to not having anywhere good to go on Saturday night. Inspired by walking along King Street in Wigan with drunken lads and scantily clad ladies in the middle of winter circa 2005. Pretty much the same in Coventry, Barnsley, Bridgend and grubby satellite towns.”
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-> Inspired by: The Futureheads, The Libertines, The Pixies, XTC (Spotify playlist)

Is That Your Underwear on the Floor? is about the discovery of a moist and intimate item of clothing the morning after a clandestine union. This song would be ideal as a ringtone. It was structured after Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart, but it’s gone through several iterations since, partly thanks to ex-Symposium Wojtek Godzisz.”
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-> Vibe: Outkast, Hot Chip, Whigfield, gamelan music  (Spotify playlist)

I Feel Great is about the feeling of love and understanding on then-legal perception-altering natural substances. Result: a sweet straightforward rainbow coloured love song.”
-> Really dug: Lady Sovereign

Credit Crunch was written in 2008 when I was skint, well into an overdraft and constantly on the Rightmove website, as was a sizeable chunk of the British population, who were also subject to pay freezes, dearth of housing loans especially for first-time buyers, rising petrol prices and scrapping of the 10p rate of income tax.”
-> Inspiration: Er, vaguely from Queens Of The Stone Age

Volcano Sparks is totally my tribute to Stereolab and Astrud Gilberto. When I listen to songs I hear vocal melodies above lyrics, which you appreciate more in foreign language music, which is why this song doesn’t have any lyrics. Really dig the drums after 2:15 – Tom Miodrag did a great job interpreting my beatboxing.”
-> Inspiration: Stereolab, Astrud Gilberto, Broken Social Scene, John Coltrane – processed through very rudimentary musical skills. (Spotify playlist)