New EP: Intention

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I am so excited to share with you my latest creative offering – ‘Intention’ EP!

It’s been put together over the last 18 months in the midst of working and volunteering and I am so proud to reveal that I am 100% producer and composer on this EP. Mixing duties patiently executed by Michael Tingle, whom I worked with at Beatcamp @ Real World Studios a year ago. I’ve been wanting to do an electronica album since 2013! My motivation for this album has changed significantly since Strange Things – back then I felt like I needed so much back-up and support, rallying the troops behind me, spending significant amounts of money and time. This time round, I’m making music for my own enjoyment, and hopefully you will learn or be inspired to do something yourself. Hope you enjoy!

Listen to Intention EP on Soundcloud

Buy a digital copy of Intention on Bandcamp