A community music video done by Singaporeans in the UK and Singapore. For Singapore’s milestone 50th anniversary of independence, an upbeat song which celebrates and acknowledges our success and ‘never-say-die’ spirit so far, with still more ambitions and dreams to look forward to, is a message that resonates with us. Indeed this jubilee year has been quite a rollercoaster ride for us as a nation. For Singaporeans everywhere, hopefully the song brings on a sense of nostalgia and is a call for us to remember where we belong, and that everyone can make a contribution to our homeland no matter where we are. Read more at: http://www.sharliza.com/upcoming-singapore-its-where-we-belong/

Song written and produced by Sharliza Jelita and first performed at Singapore Day 2014.

Thanks to SG50 Celebration Fund, OSU and SUKA committees for supporting this project.

Full credits:
SUKA committee
OSU team in UK and Singapore
SG50 committee
Sherry Myrna
Baey Yam Keng MP
Adrian Yeo
Zunnur Zhafirah
Maybelle Lek
VT Rajah and family
Anu Balamurali and family
Radha Vijya Kumar and family
Lutfi Talib
Gavin Chandra
Azmin and Zeenath
Khai Khalid
Khadijah Li
Molly Tan
Cen Tee
Dr Danapal
Mei Raine
Olivia Ow
Nabillah Jalal
and many more

  • Copyright 2015
  • Video director Mike Osaer