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Featured on Tom Robinson’s BBC Introducing show on BBC 6 Music with hypnotic electronica track Strange Things.

Interview with top Indonesian indie music blog IndieXYZ – giving advice to budding musicians “Collaboration is more powerful than competition”

Interview on Free Malaysia Today relating to the VIMA Music Awards – “Q: What is your advice to up and coming musicians? – A: Are you sure this is what you want to do? You can seek approval by other means. Start with yourself. Self-approval is power – have that and you can do anything.”

August’s issue of MSN Juice Malaysia. “UK-based Singaporean songstress Sharliza Jelita is quirkier than Zooey Deschanel tripping on peyote. Yet we can’t help but be enthralled by her; there’s electricity in not just her genre of choice, but also her eccentricity.”

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Rei Bennett – First go at producing a music video for No Go Pogo
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Short review of Breaks My Heart In Two at the Metaphorical Boat
A mention of Breaks My Heart In Two  KL’s the wknd blog

Sharliza’s interview on Singapore music blog Power Of Pop
Cool Indonesian review of ‘Is That Your Underwear On The Floor?’ on the Indie Bandung website.
Original Music Society blogpost on ‘Is That Your Underwear On The Floor’, based in Singapore.
Fernando Gros’ collection of Soundcloud sounds, featuring Breaks My Heart In Two
Subba Cultcha review of ‘Is That Your Underwear on the Floor’
A mischievous Indonesian review on Ceritamu of ‘Is That Your Underwear On The Floor?’
Altsounds talks about ‘Is That Your Underwear On The Floor?’

Sharliza’s interview with Rocksucker about her open relationship with strangers’ songs
Article on new single Claustrophobia on
Review on Claustrophobia on
Ben Adsett writes about Claustrophobia on ToTheCrowd
Review on Claustrophobia on Green Man Music – “…musically it is as bright an electro-pop moment as you could wish for.”
Review on Claustrophobia on Aberdeen Student Radio
Even Get Ready to Rock reviewed Claustrophobia
Clive Rozario at AAAmusic can’t decide: “Is Sharliza Jelita irritating or damn-right brilliant?”
Tasty Fanzine says, about Claustrophobia: “There’s something wonderful about the primitive way that the track is put together that allows it to hang together and gets you extend an olive branch to all those potentially migraine inducing keyboards. 8/10”
According to BRFM: “Absolutely Bonkers, Gaga goes Kraftwork… With her increasingly eccentric live shows and videos, Sharliza could become this years quirky princess.”
Short review at Annularmedia on Claustrophobia
Boost the music says “…made me  wish  that my first listen would be my last. However, the song is infectious, the chorus and faux eastern synths are now firmly lodged in my skull.  It’s like crack, I know it’s bad but it’s very moreish!”

Listen to Sharliza’s interview with Becky and Mike on Hayes FM