Singaporean Sharliza Jelita is a vivacious ball of energy – sometimes expressing herself through music, speech and writing, and consistently bringing people together for a good cause through live events or digitally. She believes creative and cultural expression is a path towards social cohesion and progress, and technology is a good tool to get there. A senior-level digital professional by day, in her spare time she actively promotes Singaporean culture in the UK/Europe.

Her life is one furnished with events that have served as a rich pallet of inspiration for her songwriting on her debut album Strange Things and other experiments such as the Vintage Sessions. Her most recent work is composing a  song for Singapore Day in London called ‘Singapore, It’s Where We Belong’ and an Eid song in Malay. She has had over 10 years’ experience as a singer, songwriter and MC. Find out more…

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Singapore Day London 2014!

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Thank you OSU for inviting me to sing at the festival! It was great fun and an honour. It was fantastic to see all the talented artistes like Gurmit Singh, Hossan Leong, Chua... READ MORE