Singaporean Sharliza Jelita is a creative soul who expresses herself through music, speech and writing. A digital and communications professional by trade, she believes creative expression is a path towards social cohesion and progress, and has a particular interest in promoting South East Asian culture in Europe. Her life is one furnished with events that have served as a rich pallet of inspiration for her songwriting on her debut album Strange Things and other experiments such as the Vintage Sessions. Her most recent work is composing a  song for Singapore Day in London called ‘Singapore, It’s Where We Belong’ and an Eid song in Malay. She has had over 10 years’ experience as a singer, songwriter and MC.

Duran Duran, Suede and Radiohead drew Sharliza Jelita to UK shores, and influences include Frank Zappa, P Ramlee, Machinedrum, Stereolab and trojan calypso. Find out more…

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